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Environment Protection

karbon-oyl is fully aware of its responsibility to the society for preservation of the favorable environmental situation at the territories of its operation. Environmental friendliness, protection of the staff/ population health in the regions of Company’s presence are the most topical for karbon-oyl .

“karbon-oyl 's environmental activity is aimed at enhancing continuously the environmental and industrial safety of operations and at mitigating the man-caused impact on the environment. Company’s top priorities in environment protection are as follows:”

  • environmentally safe construction and operation of the facilities for hydrocarbons production, processing, transportation and storage;
  • natural resource management, wastes/ emissions reduction, fault-free operation of the process equipment;
  • upgrading of operating facilities; application of new advanced technologies, materials and equipment to mitigate the adverse impact on the environment.

For successful achievement of the above top priorities, karbon-oyl has introduced the system for occupational, industrial, fire and environmental safety management, which complies with requirements of the ISO 14001 international standard. The corporate HSE Policy is effectively implemented due to this system.

The Company places high emphasis on improvement of the corporate culture, enhancement of the staff environment protection responsibility and competences.

As for Upstream, karbon-oyl mainly focuses on introduction of the low-waste subsoil development technologies, proper utilization of associated petroleum gas, restoration of disturbed and contaminated soils, disposal of industrial wastes. Company's production enterprises continuously upgrade, revamp the pipeline systems and perform their chemical treatment. Pipes made of corrosion-resistant composite materials are used for construction of oil pipelines.