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The refinery products are certified for compliance with the technical regulations On the requirements to the automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel oil, jet propulsion fuel and residual fuel oil and relevant GOSTs (State Standards). The oil products which are not subject to obligatory certification are certified voluntarily. The quality of crude oil and oil products is controlled at all stages of production and shipment by the competent personnel of the chemical analytical laboratory accredited for technical competence in the system of accreditation of analytical laboratories (centers) and has got a relevant certificate issued by the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology.

  • Stable natural gasoline
  • Low viscous fuel oil (Category I)
  • Feedstock for road bitumen СB 40/60
  • Engine fuel with the sulfur content up to 0.6% mass
  • Grade C vacuum gas oil (Category II)
  • Furnace fuel oil 100, 2.00%, low-ash 25°С
  • Export process fuel grade E-4.0 (Category III)
  • Toluene oil (GOST 14710-78)
  • Petroleum benzine (GOST 9572-93)


  • Ammonia anhydrous liquefied. Specifications (GOST 6221-90)


  • Automobile petrol unleaded brand “AI-80” (GOST 32513-2013)
  • Automobile petrol unleaded brand “AI-92” (GOST 32513-2013)
  • Automobile petrol unleaded brand “AI-95” (GOST 32513-2013)
  • Automobile petrol unleaded brand “AI-98” (GOST 32513-2013)
  • Automobile petrol unleaded brand “Normal-80” (GOST R 51105-97)
  • Automobile petrol unleaded brand “Regular-92” (GOST R 51105-97)
  • Gasoline unleaded brand “Premium Euro-95” (GOST R 51866-2002)
  • Gasoline unleaded brand “Super Euro-98” (GOST R 51866-2002)
  • Petrol for industrial purposes (STO 05766480-006-2010)
  • Stable reformate (TU

Diesel Fuel

  • Fuel diesel EURO (GOST 32511-2013)
  • Fuel diesel (SRT 05766480-010-2011)
  • Fuel diesel EURO (GOST R 52368-2005)
  • Vacuum gas oil (TU 38.1011304-2004)


  • Aviation fuel for gas turbine engines JET A-1 (GOST R 52050-2006)
  • Fuel for jet engines (GOST 10227-86)


  • Oxygen technical (GOST 5583-78)

Fuel Oil

  • Fuel oil (GOST 10585-2013)
  • Technological Export Fuel (TU 38.001361-99)

Oil bitumen

  • Bitumens petroleum insulating (GOST 9812-74)
  • Bitumens petroleum road viscous (GOST 22245-90)
  • Bitumens petroleum road improved from the West Siberian oils (TU 0256-096-00151807-97)
  • Oil bitumen for the production of roofing and waterproofing materials (TU 0256-017-05766480-2003)
  • Bitumens petroleum construction (GOST 6617-76)
  • Bitumens petroleum road viscous (GOST 33133-2014)


  • Nefras-S 50/170 (GOST 8505-80)
  • Solvent of oil superheavy (TU 38.1011049-98)

Sulfur technical

  • Technical sulfur (GOST 127.1-93)
  • Sulfur technical gas granulated. Technical conditions (STO 05766480-008-2011)

Sulfuric technical acid

  • Sulfuric technical acid (GOST 2184-2013)

Liquefied gases

  • Gases hydrocarbon liquefied fuel for municipal consumption (GOST 20448-90)
  • Normal butane (SRT 05766480-005-2010)
  • Isobutane (SRT 05766480-004-2010)
  • Gases hydrocarbon liquefied fuel (GOST R 52087-2003)

Commercial xylenes

  • Paraxylene (TU 38.101255-87)
  • Orthoxylene (TU 38 101254-72)

Ship fuel

  • High-viscosity marine fuel E (TU 38.1011314-2001)